Good Database Design

Software Engineering & the Basics of Good Database Design

What are the basics of good database design? How does one go about effectively administering a database? How does database design relate to the creation, maintenance and scalability of software? This article will answer those questions and more, in an effort to help you understand the software development process.

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Basics of Database Design

Although this article does briefly touch on the software development process, ...

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C++ Mortgage Payment Calculator

C++ College Lab Assignment

C++ college lab assignment for CIS 130 C++ course.

C++ Mortgage Payment Calculator {Code}

// Mortgage Payment Calculator program
// This program determines the monthly payments on a mortgage given
// the loan amount, the yearly interest, and the number of years.

#include // Access cout
#include // Access power function
#include // Access manipulators
using namespace std;

const float LOAN_AMOUNT = 500000.00; // Amount of the loan
const float YEARLY_INTEREST = 5.5; // Yearly interest rate
const int ...

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Program Development Cycle

Performing a Task on the Computer

Step 1:
What is the ouput? Exactly what will the task produce?

Step 2:
Identify the data. What input is necessary to produce the output?

Step 3:
Determine how to process the input to obtain the desired output. What formulas or ways of doing things can be used to obtain the output?

Program Development Cycle & Software Development Life Cycle

The programming development cycle is a process of steps, used by programmers to more efficiently manage their time in designing ...

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Divide & Conquer

This post is being created to display the Divide and Conquer problem solving strategy.

While taking a C++ programming class, I was suddenly hit with a great deal work than I had expected. The work seemed completely overwhelming, and I felt a bit overwhelmed. To reduce the work load I have decided to break down the work to be performed into much smaller, byte size pieces. To do this, I must take the full scope of each assignment and break it ...

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