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Introduction to Laravel

Laravel is a PHP Framework For Web Artisans

Please don’t tell my wife this, but, I am leaving her for Laravel. Please don’t get me wrong, my wife is a God-send. The only problem is that she does not do beautiful code quite like Laravel does. No, I am not crazy, Laravel really is that powerful. PHP developers across the globe share my same passion for the eloquent, simplistic yet powerul properties of Laravel.

Considering my newly found passionate love for a ...

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Web Application for Water Data Analysis

Web Application for Water Data Analysis

Web application is being created for Erie Hack 2017.

Data Problems

Misuse of Data

Use of data standards under any specific domain insure that published data is interoperable with other information systems.

Time Consumption

Environmental scientists are given the task of searching and gathering multitudes of data from a multitude of data sources.


Environmental scientists, institutions and organizations do not always recognize or understand the need for data standards.

Data Solutions


WaterML is a strain of ...

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Geographical Information System Web Application

GIS Web Application Built with Care using Google Maps JavaScript API

Geographical Information System, Browser Side web application built using Google Maps JavaScript API. Functionality synopsis: 1) Draw on map with GIS geometry(point, linestring & polygon); 2) import/export GeoJSON; 3) upload image overlay; 4) edit image using jquery (width, height, rotate and transparency); 5) drag image with mouse; 6) center map with latitude/longitude and zoom level.

Developers, you are welcome to fork this application here:

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PHP Code to Decipher a Message

My Latest Code

Decipher this!

You are given several secret messages you need to decipher.
Here are the conditions:
1. The first letter corresponds to ASCII character code (case sensitive)
2. The second letter needs to be switched to the last letter
3. The last letter needs to be switched to the second letter
4. If it only has one letter, it will be unchanged
5. If it only has two letters, you will just need to convert the ASCII character code ...

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GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

If you have written code and you are a user of, this tutorial will be useful to you. This tutorial is being written in a cookbook style, step-by-step format.

Step-by-Step GitHub Pull Request Tutorial

Useful: GitHub Help, Create a pull request

Step One
Download Git Bash from:

Step Two
Find a repository on GitHub that you would like to work on.

Step Three
Click the Fork button.

Github Fork

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Code that Saves People’s Lives

Code that Saves People’s Lives

The most important aspects of coding lies in it’s ability to positively impact, influence and enhance the mission of any organization. For me personally, one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of coding is finding solutions for problems in society that will change people’s live for the better.

Q. What is the Problem?
A. In the United States: a) someone dies from suicide every 15 minutes, b) there are over 30,000 suicides ...

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