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Hello, my name is Mike Stratton

I develop high-end websites and web applications

PHP, JavaScript, Google Maps API, jQuery, CSS,
MySql, PostgreSQL, Linux, Apache,
Geographical Information Systems
Drupal, Wordpress

Computer Science & Mathematics

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Freelance Web Developer

I write code.

When not writing code,
I dream of writing code.

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Qualified Wordpress Developer

$validate = array (
                     “PHP”, “mySQL”, “Front End”,
                     “Software Engineer”, “Website Security”,

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 Michael A. Stratton, Sole-Proprietor

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A timid creature
native to the desktops
of PHP programmers

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Java Duke

Outgoing specimen
commonly spotted floating
around Java Meetups and
Oracle Tech conferences

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MySQL Dolphin

Intelligent, highly adaptive creature native to all
internet ecosystems. Prey hunted by Microsoft.


I am freelance web developer based in Akron/Cleveland, Ohio.
I develop websites for charities, non-profits and small to mid sized businesses across the globe.


My Latest Code

jQuery Quiz with Bootstrap

My Latest Project

Web Application for Water Data Analysis

Web application created for Erie Hack 2017. Learn more:

Problem: A scientist searching for data finds Heidelberg College’s website. The scientist must then download over 20 Excel files. Upon completion of download, the scientist finds that the excel files do not display data properly.

Solution: A scientist searching for data finds a data resource on the WAWDA website. The resource links to an easy to visualize and configurable graph containing all the data the scientist needs.

View more Use Cases, with working solutions.


Freelance WordPress Developer, Computer Science, Software

I love code as code is poetry. I am a Freelance WordPress Developer with a career focused on WordPress Design, WordPress Development, WordPress Customization, WordPress Installation, WordPress Training & Support, WordPress Consultations, WordPress Coding(MySql/PHP), and a few more things WordPress.


What is WordPress?

“WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

WordPress Statistics

  • WordPress software has over 409 million WordPress users viewing more than 18.0 billion WordPress pages each month.
  • As of December 21, 2014 WordPress Version 4.1 has been downloaded over 1,535,997 times. (Source: 
  • WordPress content is written over 120 languages world wide.
  • 71% of WordPress Sites are written in English.

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