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Mike Stratton

Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Mike Stratton, and I am a freelance web developer whose work as a volunteer web developer has extended to the four corners of the globe. I offered myself as a volunteer web developer and volunteer web designer to nonprofits world wide as a way to improve my business relationships while giving back to society. Unfortunately, I no longer offer volunteer web design and development through this That said, I do offer huge discounts to nonprofit organizations.

As a freelance web developer with a stream lined web development process, I am able to offer the benefits of a full web design firm. My business process for designing and developing websites allows me to design and develop robust, professional, visually stunning websites at a fraction of the costs of an expensive web design firm. I do this by utilizing open source software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke, and other content management systems. My work ethic and professionalism as a freelance web designer and freelance web developer has transpired into over 200 websites developed world wide for nonprofits, small to midsize businesses and entrepreneuers.

On a personal level, when I am not designing and developing websites, I spend my time with wife, daughter, and our two dogs, Buster and Rocky. I also love to make people laugh, and true to my geek form, I have a Youtube channel devoted to a “web design comedy”.

As a computer programmer my core experience(undergraduate student) in hard coding is within C++ and Java. Obviously, I have done quite a bit of work upon the LAMP platform with the use of Open Source such Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. I have also developed a few websites upon the Windows, platform. My business model for developing websites allows me to focus my time on the use of CSS/HTML resulting in reduced costs and an expedited time frame for completion.


Benefits to Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

Web Development Benefits

The benefits you will recieve from working with a freelance web developer are extensive. For starters, my rates are extremely low in comparison to web design firms. Also, you have the benefit of working with an individual web designer/web developer as opposed to the challenging task of working with an web design company. Finally, my education and experience speaks for itself, allowing me to be competitive in the web design and web development industry. When developing your website, my work is focused on the design and development of the website itself, the money you spend will not be spent paying for an entire sales team.


Education & Experience

Pythagorean TheoremI recieved my start in the field of Information Technology by achieving the following certifications: A+, Net+, Server+, MCP, MCSA, MCNPS. Shortly after recieving my certifications, I moved from management of information systems to the creation of software via website design and development. Utilizing sources such as MIT’s OpenCourseWare, Microsoft’s MSDN, and a multitude of other resources to help me expand on my computer programming abilities. After successfully taking a class from MIT online, I realized that a formal degree should follow. I am now on my way to attaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science degree, with focus on artificial intelligence. I have been a professional in the field of Information Technology, Web Design/Development, and Computer Science since 2003. Simply stated, my education and experience transposes into a professional and competitive website for your company.

Ohio freelance web developer, Mike Stratton, has developed over 200 websites for noprofits, charitable foundations, small to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs. Based in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Ohio region, Mike is committed to developing professional websites at an affordable rate for organizations in the greater Cleveland area and worldwide.

If you can dream it {you.dream.big} then I can build it {I.write.code}

Introducing Software Development Services!

As of August 19, 2012 Mike Stratton has expanded his service offerings to offer freelance software engineering services. Your dream for software may have fallen on the wayside as your dream may have been replaced with the reality that the costs associated with software development is outside of your company’s budget. Welcome to a new reality – the idea that your dream is well within your grasp and within your budget!

As a software analyst/project manager, Mike Stratton uses an adaptive software development methodology, directly dependent on your project needs. By using the traditional waterfall software development process or the agile software develompent process your software project will reach it’s goals on time and within your budget.

  • Welcome

    Welcome to the website of professional volunteer web developer and web designer Mike Stratton! Mike offers extensive web design and web development services for nonprofits, small businesses, business professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Mike’s has been in business as an independent IT professional since May of 2006, and is extremely passionate about his work. As a volunteer web developer, Mike has helped over 86 organizations in their efforts to establish an strong internet presence. It is Mike’s commitment to integrity that has established his business model as one of the best in the freelance web development industry.

  • About

    Although Mike’s freelance web development business is based in the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Ohio region, Mike’s freelance web development services have helped organizations world wide. Mike’s volunteer web development services has given Mike the ability to travel the globe by way of the internet with stunning, intriguing and amazing websites.

    Whether you are a small business, non profit, professional, or aspiring entrepreneur, Mike’s freelance web development services should be at the top of your list when choosing a company to develop your website.

  • Benefits

    The main benefits of using Mike as an independent web design and web development freelancer are as follows:

    • Mike’s web design and web development experience includes the design and development of over 200 websites.
    • Mike holds multiple Microsoft and CompTia Certifications
    • Mike has educational background in computer science.
    • Mike has 7 years of business success in the web design and web development industry.
    • Mike’s freelance web design and web development includes 4 products that will allow you to test drive your website before you buy!
    • Mikes rates are a fraction of the costs that a web design firm will charge.
    • It is difficult to enforce laws that govern United States businesses when working with an India based web design firm or freelancer.

    Clearly, it should be an easy decision to utilize Mike as an independent freelance web designer and web developer. Many web design firms and freelancers alike, based in the USA and/or India all agree that Mike is one of the best!


Complete Website Packages

SoftwareThere are 4 complete website packages to choose from, each with a specific customer in mind. The Landing Page Package is great to test a new product or service, receive sign-ups, or to use as a professional resume. The HTML Brochure Package is great if you do not need to update your site frequently and requires minimal maintenance. The Flash Development Package is an extension of the HTML Brochure, with the addition of a visually stunning, user-engaging experience. A Content Management System Package allows you to put the steering wheel in your own hands to control your destiny, as no programming experience is needed to add/remove text, photos, audio, video & more.

Whatever your requirements may be there is certain to be a website package that will help you to achieve a strong internet presence driven by visually stunning design and industry standard development.



Landing Page

One page is all you need!


HTML Brochure

Create a fantastic user experience!


Flash Development

Simply amazing visual effects!


CMS Package

Control your destiny, control your site!